Mosquito Control

In the interest of safety to our residents, the Town of Severance conducts ongoing Integrated Mosquito Management. The goal of this program is to monitor and reduce mosquito populations through the use of environmentally sound control techniques in order to protect residents from the threat of mosquito-borne diseases.

Vector Disease Control is the provider of these services.  VDC and the town communicate with the Weld County Department of Health & Environment, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, and surrounding municipalities in order to ensure that the highest level of mosquito control is achieved. This diligent and cooperative communication is important to the Town of Severance’s mosquito management program and provides significant benefit to public health throughout the entire area.

Traps are used to monitor the assorted types of mosquito population and, based on the weekly trap findings, VDC conducts mosquito spraying (fogging) throughout the community when weather conditions are conducive to the best effectiveness.  Questions about the program can be directed to Broox Boze with Vector Disease Control at  970-278-9977.