Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I participate in Tailholt Community Gardens?

  • Tailholt Community Garden is currently accepting applications for open plots in the 2022 growing season.  If interested, please read the Community Garden Agreement below and please fill out the below application and either:
  • Email application to:

Membership Application

What are the rules/regulations of the Tailholt Community Garden?

  • Click the link below for the Tailholt Community Garden Agreement.  This will give you rules, guidelines, and most of the general information you will need to begin.

Community Garden Agreement

What time of the year is Tailholt Community Gardens open?

  • Tailholt Community Garden is open, dependent on the weather. However, the garden will typically open in early April and close in October.

What tools are provided for gardening at Tailholt Community Garden?

  • Use of a rototiller, hoses, stirrup hoe and various small shovels is included.  

Can I use pesticides or herbicides on my garden plot?

  • Yes, pesticides can be applied to ONLY the applicator's plot and may only be pesticides from retail stores approved for home use.
  • No, herbicides (weed killers) are NOT permitted in Tailholt Community Garden.
  • The use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers is PROHIBITED in organic garden plots.

Who do I contact regarding questions, comments, and/or concerns?


Tailholt Community Gardens