2020 Municipal Election Information

The Town of Severance currently has three (3) open Trustee positions. This is a mail ballot election which will be held on April 7th of 2020.

Voters Guide to Severance Municipal Ballot for April 7, 2020

Trustee Selection:

The Town of Severance is governed by board of seven trustees. Three trustee positions are to be filled in this election by the three candidates receiving the highest total number of votes.

Ballot Question #1: Home Rule

Severance is currently a statutory town under Colorado law. As such, all of its powers and functions are as allowed or defined in state statute.  This ballot question asks the voters whether the town should initiate the process to create and present to the voters at a later date a charter which is independent of the state statutes or remain a statutory town. An affirmative vote only starts the process; it does not establish home rule, which would come only after a charter is developed and approved.

Ballot Question #2: Sale Of Marijuana and Cannabis Products

The Town of Severance currently prohibits all sales of marijuana products, both medical and retail. Ballot Question #2 seeks to establish the will of the majority of Severance voters regarding whether to continue such prohibition or remove it, in which case the Town would be required to develop its own regulatory code for such businesses.

Ballot Question #3: Authorizing Retail Marijuana Sales and Excise Tax.

Under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) all questions of imposition of new taxes must be approved by the voters. This ballot question requests authority to impose a seven percent tax, in addition to regular municipal sales tax, on any retail marijuana sales if and when such sales become allowable within the Town of Severance.