Emergency Preparedness

All residents and businesses in Severance should be prepared for large-scale emergencies or disasters such as tornadoes, aircraft crashes, explosions, hazardous materials accidents, and other incidents. Ready Colorado is a great resource for information on how to prepare for an emergency. 

Early Weather Warning System

Today there are several safer and more effective early warning systems that provide you with up-to-date, accurate information. This includes:

  • Local media broadcasts: radio, television, and internet
  • National Weather Service Alerts via a Weather Alert Radio
  • Cell phone and pager notifications
Weld County Emergency Alert Sign Up

Help us help you in an emergency!

CodeRed, the Emergency Notification System in Weld County, is used by public safety officials to inform the public of immediate threats to health and safety. When you sign up to receive emergency alerts, you will be notified when an emergency is happening in your area. Some examples of messages you could receive include: severe weather situations, a “boil water” order if systems are compromised, or a notice that you should stay inside because of critical police activity. You may choose to receive messages on your home phone, cell phone, email, or text message.

Emergency Alert Sign Up

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