Parks & Recreation

The Town has numerous parks located in various subdivisions. These parks all have various amenities and are open to the public. Please view the list below for all of the parks in town and to view a map of all the parks please click HERE. For the Parks Master Plan click HERE.

  • Severance Shores Park
  • Hunter's Crossing Park
  • Overlook Park- 650 Audubon Blvd
  • Hidden Valley Park #1
  • Hidden Valley Park #2
  • Community Park- 100 Waterfowl Way
  • Dog Park
  • Tailholt Park
  • Lakeview Park- 513 1/2 Broadview Drive
  • Karen Suman Park- 400 S. Timber Ridge Parkway
  • Summit View Park- 270 Audubon Blvd.
  • Blue Spruce Park- 50 S. Timber Ridge Parkway